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The Act provided for: "...enclosing a piece of waste ground in the Borough and township of Kirkby in Kendal for the benefit of the poor, and cleansing the streets of the town, and for confirming a rule or order of assize and order of the high court of Chancery, relative to the rates and assessments to be raised for the relief of the poor, by the inhabitants of the said township, and the owners of lands, called Park and Castle Lands." Under this Act, the mayor of Kendal and twelve other inhabitants were empowered to make orders for maintaining and employing the poor, along with a range of other matters such as setting out roads, cleansing and lighting the streets, levying fines for nuisances, enforcing the payment of rates and penalties etc. A committee room was added in 1823, and fever wards in 1829.In 1769, Kendal erected a workhouse on Stricklandgate — at the bottom end of House of Correction Hill — now Windermere Road. As was normal practice, Kendal workhouse tried to find places for older children as apprentices as demonstrated by a handbill, probably dating from the 1820s. In the township of Kirkland, at the south side of Kendal, a workhouse was established in 1809 at the head of what became Poor-House Lane, now Anchorite Place. Kirkby Lonsdale formed a Gilbert Union with sixteen other townships (in Westmorland: Barbon, Casterton, Firbank, Hutton Roof, Killington, Middleton, and Old Hutton; in Lancashire: Arkholm with Cawood, Burrow with Burrow, Cantsfield, Leck, Melling with Wrayton, Tunstall, and Whittington; in Yorkshire: Burton in Lonsdale, and Thornton in Lonsdale).

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The Poor Law Commissioners authorised an expenditure of £5,650 on construction of the building which was to accommodate 400.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Your OPR Births & Baptisms Search Returns You searched for: Surname: "mouatt"; Use Soundex: On; Forename: "James*"; Sex: "Both"; Date From: 01 January 1553; Date To: 31 December 1854; Page 1 of 16 (392 records) No Date Surname Forename Parent Names/Frame No.Sex Parish City/County GROS Data Image Extract 1 01/10/1812 MAUAT JAMES PETER MAUAT/ M Tingwall, Whiteness and Weisdale /SHETLAND 010/ 0010 -No Image 2 18/02/1784 MONAT JAMES WILLIAM MONAT/JANE DUIRS M St Cyrus /KINCARDINE 267/ 0010 0148 3 16/02/1794 MOTTE JAMES JOHN MOTTE/MARGARET LINDSAY FR134 M Ardrossan /AYR 576/ 0010 0167 4 15/07/1832 MOUAT CHRISTIAN JAMES HERCULES MOUAT/MARGARET TAIT F Northmavine /SHETLAND 008/ 0020 0041 5 19/04/1629 MOUAT JAMES JOHNE MOUAT/ U Fetteresso /KINCARDINE 258/ 0010 0071 6 05/04/1636 MOUAT JAMES JON.MOUAT FR 77 U Canisbay /CAITHNESS 035/ 0010 0115 13 23/11/1718 MOUAT JAMES PETTER MOUAT/ M Edzell /ANGUS 285/ 0020 0007 14 02/11/1718 MOUAT JAMES DONALD MOUAT/BARBARA CAMPBELL FR 84 U Canisbay /CAITHNESS 035/ 0010 0122 15 08/11/1721 MOUAT JAMES JOHN MOUAT/EUPHAN SMITH FR610 M Old Machar ABERDEEN CITY/ABERDEEN 168/B00 0030 0010 16 15/03/1724 MOUAT JAMES JOHN MOUAT/HELEN FIDLER FR2187 M Inveresk and Musselburgh /MIDLOTHIAN 689/ 0070 0048 17 23/08/1730 MOUAT JAMES WILLIAM MOUAT/ M Banchory Devenick /KINCARDINE 251/ 0010 0081 18 21/11/1731 MOUAT JAMES WILLIAM MOUAT/ M Tingwall, Whiteness and Weisdale /SHETLAND 010/ 0010 0020 19 26/02/1737 MOUAT JAMES THOMAS MOUAT/MARGARET BALLANDEN M Rousay /ORKNEY 024/ 0010 0014 20 27/04/1738 MOUAT JAMES ROB.MOUAT/ U Monymusk /ABERDEEN 224/ 0010 0071 21 03/02/1742 MOUAT JAMES JAS.It's about meeting a friend or friends for chats, days out, evenings, holidays or trips away.