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Peta Seel, Lahitte Toupière, France Oil spill hypocrisy SIR – Michael Marr expresses concern about parochialism and anti-Americanism from various correspondents over the oil spill tragedy (letters, Issue 990). Despite a name change several years ago, commentators have been quick to refer to “British Petroleum’s” fault, even to the extent that American TV hosts are using the old name.BP is a global company with almost as many American investors as British, and more American than British employees.

‘When the man came he showed me the phone switching on and off it looked ok.A CARPENTER died and his son narrowly escaped injury when a parcel bomb sent by "somebody with a grudge" exploded in their kitchen, police revealed yesterday.The alarm was raised by three-year-old Callum, who told his grandfather on the telephone that "daddy", Stephen Hoggarth, was dead.The police said that they believed the murderer was someone with a grudge.The explosion, which severed Mr Hoggarth's hands, occurred on Saturday morning, but was at first thought to have been an accident involving a gas blast.Detectives were last night investigating the private life of Mr Hoggarth, 32, for any clues to the identity of his killer.

They have ruled out a terrorist attack and are examining possible links with former lovers of Mr Hoggarth's girlfriend, with whom he lived.

At first the boy was delighted, and his mother Sabrina Jane Skayman handed over the £40.

But it soon became apparent something was wrong and the device wasn’t the i Phone 4S he had paid for. ‘Oliver would do absolutely anything for anyone,’ Ms Skayman, a 29-year-old student hairdresser, said.

During police interviews, Babiczuk-Brown denied any sexual contact between him and the two girls involved in the charges he denies.

He denied suggesting one of the girls and her friend should be his "personal slaves".

According to neighbours, the floor layer moved into the flat six weeks ago after "hurriedly" leaving his old home, where he had taped up the letter box with industrial-strength plastic.