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Show luo jolin tsai dating - Sexi chat spider

He wrote, "We've both grown up", which fans took as the two stars' way of announcing their reconciliation.The two stars were good friends back in the early days.

Show went on to perform with Jolin in her other concert legs while Jay was only featured in the Taipei concert.Acting career During the two years she faced conflicts with her recording company Universal Music before signing with Sony Music Entertainment (Taiwan), she pursued an acting career.She debuted in the soap series "HI,上班女郎" with actor Show Luo." Their funny chitchat on stage is what seemed to have broken the ice and mended their once-troubled friendship.Jay and Show were good friends until they fell out reportedly because of fellow Taiwanese singer, the "Queen of C-pop," Jolin Tsai.Both of them got to know each other after they collaborated on a Watson's ad, and romance bloomed shortly after.

Not sure how true this piece of news is, but what i can say is that this girl is indeed quite pretty!Taiwan media refers to her as "Little Vivia Hsu" and I can understand why, for both girls do share the similar big doe eyes, fair skin and long hair.In fact, compared to the string of Show Luo's alleged love interests so far, I think she is the prettiest.Show Luo, one of the hottest guys in the asian entertainment scene now, is supposedly dating this girl named 李毓芬 as seen in the picture above.The media had reported that this girl is sighted near Show Luo's house during the Chinese New Year season, and both of them had been secretly dating for one month plus. They have since clarified that they couldn't have been more wrong.~ Jolin inadvertently bumped into Show playing the piano backstage and expressed her interest to learn.

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