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David Rohl, author of They claim that the dates of Egyptian dynasties need to be reduced by hundreds of years, specifically Dynasties 21–24.

(1 Kings 6:1 KJV) It is well established that Solomon’s reign began in 971-970 BC (Kitchen 2001), making 967-966 BC his fourth year.The chart in question, places the Sun at 10 degrees of Cancer i.e. This implies one such a chronocrator has or will take place in the near past of future.the modern position of the projected elliptical degree of Sirius. Because of the multiple movements of the Earth the stellar background at night shifts slightly backwards estimated to modern times ( 1850s- to present) a precessional shift of 000000.922 or about ~ 70 to ~71 years per one degree. The mean node and Mercury are over another famous Egyptian star, alpha (α) virginis, Spica.reached from his study of ancient sources, including the Bible: that the history of Egypt does not extend further back than the Great Flood, and that definite synchronies with Old Testament history do exist.The evidence does not support the original synchronies that Ussher made, but instead suggests new ones.By so doing, these historians traditionally have asserted that the Egyptian state has existed longer than the amount of time that the Bible suggests has passed since the Flood.

These same historians have also asserted that various characters from the Old Testament, namely Abraham, Joseph, and Moses, could not have had any reliable synchrony with the history of ancient Egypt, if they existed at all.

However, despite its seeming bedrock character, the 1446 BC date has largely been ignored or maligned by the modern theorists.

One reason is the lack of evidence for the Exodus in the supposedly “corresponding” Egyptian time frame–that of the 18th Dynasty (1550-1352 BC).[3] Figure 1 compares the The Egyptian history of the 18th Dynasty period does not harmonize with the biblical depiction of an Egypt crippled by plagues and a destroyed army.

By Daniel Anderson For years, the popular media has mocked the biblical accounts of Joseph, Moses, the Passover, and the Exodus as being completely incompatible with standard Egyptian chronology.

Year after year, we have been told by numerous scholars that events recorded in the books of Genesis and Exodus are nice legends devoid of any historical or archaeological merit. An emerging pool of scholars, representing diverse backgrounds, has been openly calling for a drastic reduction in Egyptian chronology.

The way it is written in the Hebrew implies that it is intended to be a precise figure (see Cassuto (1961, 52)) [1].

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