The uk parliament is an ancient institution dating

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The uk parliament is an ancient institution dating

Since the beginning of time, there has been a need to preserve artifacts in some fashion for later appreciation by new generations.

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Creating and providing an outlet for technological advancements, introducing and nurturing cultural artifacts, supporting the rise of various religions and helping to maintain a sense of historical structure, they have managed to help communities survive and thrive via numerous artistic outlets.

King Charles's dream of a comeback was shared by many loyalists and opportunists, who saw that the Parliament and its army were in disarray, and wrongly deduced that the counter-revolution's time had come.

In March there was an uprising of Welsh royalists, who seized Pembroke Castle.

Impoverished children are forced to leave home and toil as domestic servants in Haiti.

Free the Slaves inspires Haitian parents to retrieve their children.

His defence in court was a model of dignity, and he faced the final ordeal with splendid courage.

His death was the stuff of legend, and an anonymous account of the trial and last hours of the doomed king, the Eikon Basilike, quickly became a publishing blockbuster, running to 47 editions.

Illegal debts plague the poor and marginalized in rural India—entire families are enslaved for borrowing small sums in emergencies.

In Nepal, thousands must head overseas each year to find work because there are no jobs at home. Free the Slaves educates at-risk villagers about unsafe migration and mobilizes entire communities to rise up and break free from bondage.

Archeologists have spent centuries pulling together bits and pieces of history about our past.

As a result of their research, they have managed to find what seems to be proof of the first libraries located in ancient Egypt.

Envoys were dispatched to The Hague to open negotiations with the 19-year-old heir.

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