U pb isotope dating

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This makes the task of creationists building their model for the geological record much easier, since claims of U-Th-Pb radiometric ‘dating’ having ‘proven’ the claimed great antiquity of the earth, its strata and fossils can be justifiably ignored.Radiometric dating has now been used for almost 50 years to establish ‘beyond doubt’ the multi-billion year age of the earth’s geological column.

However, it is important to remember that all radiometric dating methods are based on three main assumptions:— The highly speculative nature of all radiometric dating methods becomes apparent when one realizes that none of the above assumptions is either valid or provable.

Metamorphic rocks that formed at very high pressures, such as eclogites and high-pressure granulites, are the most important witnesses of the tectonothermal processes that happen within the generally inaccessible lower crust and lithospheric mantle.

Studies of these kinds of high-pressure rocks, however, are hampered by the difficulty of precisely determining the age of the high-pressure event, and thus constraining the geodynamic evolution and tectonic setting in which these rocks formed.

This study presents new geochemical (major and trace element, Nd–Sr isotope) and U–Pb zircon, monazite, titanite and rutile data for various rock types (eclogite, high-pressure granulite, amphibolite, orthogneiss, leucosome) of the high-grade metamorphic Mariánské Lázně Complex in the western Bohemian Massif.

Concordant U–Pb zircon analyses from the mafic to intermediate samples disclose the Mariánské Lázně Complex as a mixture of .

by Andrew Snelling As with other radiometric ‘dating’ methods, the U-Pb and Pb-Pb isochron methods have been questioned in the open literature, because often an excellent line of best fit between ratios obtained from a set of good cogenetic samples gives a resultant ‘isochron’ and yields a derived ‘age’ that has no geological meaning.

At the Koongarra uranium deposit, Australia, there is ample evidence of open system behaviour, or repeated migration, of U and Pb — ore textures, mineral chemistry, supergene alteration, uranium/daughter disequilibrium, and groundwater and soil geochemistry.

In uranium–lead dating, minerals virtually free of initial lead can be isolated and corrections made for the trivial amounts present.

In whole rock isochron methods that make use of the rubidium–strontium or samarium–neodymium decay schemes (see below), a series of rocks or minerals are...

Metamorphic zircon in mafic rocks of the Mariánské Lázně Complex, as well as monazite from orthogneiss, and titanite in leucosome yield ages around 380 Ma.

On the basis of detailed petrography and cathodoluminescence imaging we conclude that the .

At the beginning of an analytical session or when analytical parameters such as primary beam intensity or spot size were changed, energy offsets for all measured ion species must be determined.

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