Updating downlevel os configuration

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Local security policy is exposed through the Security Settings extension to Group Policy.Local security policy includes the Account Policy and Local Policy areas only.

The company's also publishing a preferred list of systems that will receive special attention for updates and support.Once the Functional Level has been upgraded, new DCs on running on downlevel versions of Windows Server cannot be added to the domain or forest.The problems that might arise when installing downlevel DCs become pronounced with new features that change the way objects are replicated (i.e. To prevent these issues from arising, a new DC must be at the same level, or greater, than the functional level of the domain or forest. Today, I want to address a question that we see regularly. For example, Windows Server 2008 R2 introduces the AD Recycle Bin, a feature that allows the Administrator to restore deleted objects from Active Directory.As customers upgrade Active Directory, and they inevitably reach the point where they are ready to change the Domain or Forest Functional Level, they sometimes become fraught. In order to support this new feature, changes were made in the way that delete operations are performed in Active Directory, changes that are only understood and adhered to by DCs running on Windows Server 2008 R2.In Windows 10, you can dial data collection back almost to zero, but you can't turn it off completely. Historically, those customers have also been among the most conservative, lagging years behind the latest releases of an operating system release.

Those practices have been encouraged by Microsoft's support lifecycle, which offers a generous ten years of support for each Windows release.After upgrading all DCs in the domain, or forest, the Administrator is able to raise the Functional Level, and this Level acts as a flag informing the DCs, and other components as well, that certain features can now be enabled.You’ll find a complete list of Active Directory features that have a dependency on the Domain or Forest Functional Level here: Appendix of Functional Level Features are two important restrictions of the Domain or Forest Functional Level to understand, and once they are, these restrictions are obvious.This step-by-step guide describes how to view, configure, and analyze local security policy and local security settings using various components of the Security Configuration Tool Set included with the Windows® 2000 operating system.Introduction Viewing and Modifying Local Security Policy Working with Security Templates Performing a Security Analysis Configuring System Security Command-line Configuration and Analysis Pre-defined Security Templates The Security Configuration Tool Set allows you to configure the following security areas: This step-by-step guide describes how to use the snap-ins, command-line tool, and Security Settings extension to view, configure, and analyze local security policy and local security settings.If you are not using the common infrastructure, you need to make the appropriate changes to this document.