Updating eclipse

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Eclipse can barely update from 3.7.1 to 3.7.2, never mind from 3.7 to 4.2.You're taking the life of your development environment in your hands if you try to make that much of an upgrade to an existing Eclipse development environment.

There doesnt seem to be a straightforward upgrade path mentioned on (Common sense says that you should take a backup of your workspace(s) and your original Eclipse installation.) This method also worked (in addition to the answer above by Duncan Jones.I would definitely back up your workspace first, or at the very least backup your .metadata folder. Groovy-Eclipse cannot be installed into a shared install.This includes protected directories on windows like C:\Program Files. Use one of these update sites to install the latest and greatest Groovy-Eclipse.Here's a link describing the whole process in details (it says "on Mac Os X", however it should work for other systems as well): I just updated from Luna (4.4) to Mars (4.5) using this process and kept my existing workspace. Tip: when launching for the first time, create a temporary workspace, then import your old plugins as described above, switch workspace to your old workspace, migrate it and then delete the temporary workspace.

Uf Jso I1_Mc Y Kepler): Updating did not work for me; alternatively I only had to follow the linked steps up to them specifying use existing work space (that got my existing settings, and I didn't happen to need to update any plugins). This way, you have all your plugins by the time you load your workspace and won't have to deal with errors for missing plugins.Unpackage as the user you will be using to run Eclipse.EDIT: I often the permissions on I'm not a big expert in Eclipse, but my understanding is that Eclipse's own update system is sort of concurrent to Ubuntu update system (this is also true for many other packages which have their own update methods, for example Python modules - you can either install them from Ubuntu repos using ).The proper way to update base packages is to use the Ubuntu upgrade tools, not the Eclipse update tools.I believe it is possible to install addons in your Workspace but I would not recommend mixing package managers.Development builds tend to be quite stable (they are not released unless all tests pass).

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