Updating my etrex legend c

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Updating my etrex legend c - early stages dating answers

The GPS should now be left outside with a good satellite view for about 30 minutes, before proceeding with the basic setup.

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In this article I'll talk about my experience with connecting both USB and serial port versions of the e Trex series to my Mac and to my Linux-based PC.Is found under, Setup, System, Menu, Software Version.Also it's found by turning the unit on while holding down the click stick. Pressing PAGE multiple times brings up additional diagnostic screens.Only do this if the GPS has a problem, or if you have applied a firmware/software update.You do NOT need to do this with a new unit straight out of the blister-pack. This resets everything except the 'Welcome' screen, and it doesn't touch the contents of the SD card (the map, and any stored daily tracks) After resetting, the GPS will re-index the map stored on the SD card, and if it finds a map that allows autorouting, it will display a message.These notes and screenshots show a Full Reset for a Legend HCx.

Venture, Legend C and Cx, Summit, Vista C, Cx and HCx are very similar, but the 60 and 76 series may use different key combinations for this job.

In other words there are more changes than just a gray scale to color screen and screen size. The 76C series have more memory, a better basemap, a different case/button style, and ready to go for "marine" use.

You can get the marine data information file from the Garmin web site and download it into the 60C.

The next product line released has the "click stick". The comments that follow that mention the e Trex series are most appropriate for these "click stick" models.

In the year 2004 Garmin released two new e Trex models called the Legend C and Vista C.

Thus the color screen is not as tall, but is wider.