Updating my laptops ram

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Updating my laptops ram

However, the majority of laptops and other portable computers only allow a user to easily upgrade the system memory, hard drive, and have options for a better battery.Almost every laptop and portable computer allows a user to upgrade the memory (RAM) in the computer.

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Moving up to 8GB or even 16GB can really boost productivity and multitasking.This last point is important, as many high-end laptops have eliminated user-upgradeable RAM in order to reduce system thickness by roughly six nanometers.Adding additional RAM to any laptop generally increases power consumption by a measurable (if small) amount, but this shouldn’t be an issue for most users.Unfortunately, unlike desktop PCs that are generally completely upgradable, laptops are increasingly sealed units that may have certain limitations when it comes to accessing the insides and tinkering with what's contained within the chassis.Actually gazing at specific components is one thing, being able to remove said chips and boards and replace with enhanced replacements is a completely different ball game.If your desktop PC has slowed down, then memory (or the need for more) may be the culprit.

Relax, a RAM upgrade is a lot easier than you think.

Welcome to Extreme Tech’s comprehensive RAM guide, in which we’ll answer a broad range of questions related to how much system RAM you need these days, whether or not it’s worth it to upgrade older systems, and whether DDR3 or DDR4 (the new main types of system RAM) is a better investment option.

It’s interesting to look back and see how much things have changed over the past twenty years.

These upgrades refer to the upgrade done to a laptop after it has been purchased.

This answer varies on the manufacturer and model of the laptop or portable computer.

However, many memory manufacturers and companies also make compatible memory for many of the newer laptops.