Updating record through cursor

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Updating record through cursor

– Sean Jul 3 '12 at Why on earth do you want to create duplicates?

You'll get a very huge performance gain that way; or, the other way round, updates in a loop cost you a lot of performance.

The syntax of this statement is The PL/SQL Challenge question in last issue’s “Wrap Up Your Code in a Neat Package” article focused on how the values assigned to package-level variables persist in your session and asked, “Which of the choices will display ‘3’ after execution?

” In the print version of the article, only choice a was correct.

– Vincenzo Maggio Jul 3 '12 at Welcome to Stack Overflow: if you post code, XML or data samples, please highlight those lines in the text editor and click on the "code samples" button ( 相关推荐:c# - Inserting Multiple Records into SQL Server database using for loophe SQL Server database from an array.

After entering the first row I get an exception @User ID has already been declared.

What you have at the moment will loop through the results rows, and if it finds a row with salary equal to 1300, if then executest he following SQL: This code is updating all the records with salary 13000.

Instead i want to update records having salary 1300 to the value 13000.for every record i am checking the sal value of that record..if salary value in a particular record is 1500 i want to update it to 15000..In the online version (which also matches the quiz offered at PL/SQL Challenge, both a and b are correct.Visit PL/SQL Challenge to read a complete explanation of the answers to this quiz. If the SELECT statement identifies more than one row to be fetched, Oracle Database will raise the TOO_MANY_ROWS exception.I'll take a closer look at each option and explain why it's difficult to pinpoint which is better in terms of performance.

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