Virgin births predating jesus

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Many atheists, neo-pagans, and other disbelievers of Christianity claim the story of Jesus Christ was borrowed from earlier mythologies.

25, when and how explores many historical sources showing that the holiday precedes Christ by at least 2,000 years, as earlier mentioned (1957, pp. A nativity celebration for pagan gods was observed near the winter solstice in both Syria and Egypt.When I was a young boy, I looked forward to Christmas every Dec. Shortly before one particular Christmas, while still in grade school, one of my schoolmates laughed me to scorn for believing that Santa Claus existed. When I returned home that evening, I asked my mom whether Santa was real. Privately I thought, “Well, if Santa Claus isn’t real, what is?” Years later I learned that Christmas actually predated Christianity by about 2,000 years.No sound-minded shepherd would have been so foolhardy as to leave his flock in the fields at night at that time of year.And no intelligent ruler would compel people to travel many miles to register for a census when the likelihood of bad weather would have made such an effort self-defeating. 25 when the Bible itself plainly contradicts this notion?Many have tried to dig into the precious few clues as to Jesus identity and come up with a biographical sketch that either bolsters faith or reveals a more human side of this godman to which we can all relate.

Obviously, considering the time and energy spent on them, the subjects of Christianity and its legendary founder are very important to the Western mind and culture.Was the Christ Story stolen from other, older religions?Theologian Dr Robert Beckford investigates remarkable parallels between the stories of Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Mithra, and other major religious entities, and examines how these similarities impact Christianity and its message.It’s commonly assumed that Christmas is celebrated because it’s the birthday of Jesus Christ. Luke’s Gospel tells us that Joseph and Mary were traveling to Bethlehem to register during a Roman census when Jesus was born, and also that shepherds still had their flocks out in the open fields at that time (Luke 2:1-8).But biblical scholars overwhelmingly admit that Jesus was born nowhere near Dec. Jesus neither observed Christmas nor taught others to observe it. But the Holy Land in December is cold, rainy and sometimes snowy.Delving deeply into this large body of work, one uncovers evidence that the Jesus character is based upon much older myths and heroes from around the globe.

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