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I take in what he’s observing: a buxom California blonde dressed in sheer black lingerie, taking user requests to get into various states of undress.I’m not embarrassed to admit that I look at porn occasionally. The cheesier the video, the more it reminds me of my wilder, younger party-girl self.

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That's the question the Terre des Hommes International Federation has been asking, and the answer comes in the form of a computer-generated little girl named "Sweetie".

The organization said that a group of its researcher posed as Sweetie during the sting operation, visiting "dozens" of chat rooms.

The researchers then passed the chat logs of their conversations with the predators to Europol.

You know those memories you have of some past seedy encounter that play like a porn loop in your brain?

A cam girl reminds me of that time in my life when every night Truth or Dare was on the table, and while I wasn’t taking money, I was eager to show off like the girls on my screen.

During the sting operation, Sweetie was approached by 20,000 people over a 10-week period. “We are pleased with this great result, as the judge considered that the offense was similar to what could have been made against a real child,” Raffaele Salinari, president of Terre des Hommes International Federation, said in a statement.

One of the operators who chatted with Hansen told the BBC that the man was "very direct" and even asked him to get Sweetie's fictional 8-year-old sister involved.

Engadget explains that Alice X is a "mixture of customized porn and cam sites, except it seems as though it'd be a whole lot more intimate than simply watching from afar as you would with regular pay-to-view porn operations.

Of course, the women are available for straight up companionship as well most likely, even if the official implication of the VR service is for fulfilling sexual fantasies".

The digital get down is trying really hard to be as close to the real deal as possible — adult entertainment companies are now encouraging their viewers to strap on, plug in and participate.

And cam girls say that the incorporation of virtual reality headsets and "Since Cam Soda began broadcasting its live shows in virtual reality, I've noticed I receive a much more positive response from users," Cam Soda model Lexy Bandera said in an email.

You're presented with an array of women who are mostly scantily clad, and upon clicking on their profiles most of the descriptions tend to emphasise the various sexual photos and videos you can pay the women in order to see: stripping, using a dildo, performing oral sex on someone.