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"We just kind of get a feel for the sound and try to make up moves that help people understand the actual song," Dustin told Uinterview. Yeah, the fans and creating great music, and giving the fans a chance to hear it. Not everyone's here right now to answer that question. - Pookie Amber Q: What's the new album called? - Shakira Arryrial DUSTIN: To wake up in the body of somebody else? Is it often that you all might feel that it is hard to trust the new people that enters into you guys lives? What influences are you all thinking about when creating the new album? ok to the questions Can you please check out My "Say Yes" cover at

They changed the name to B5, short for Breeding 5, to honor the Jackson 5 after youngest brother Bryan joined the group in May 2012. Youtube.com/the123sierra and tell Me what you think! :) - Sierra Ver Nee Q: #1 I wanted to know how do you all stay so positive and upbeat when it comes to sharing new ideas on song lyrics or different beats you want to put into your music. #2 Kelly how would you describe each one of your brothers in one word and who do you get along with the best among your bros. #3 Dustin how do you deal with rumors or lies if they ever come up about you or your brothers do you believe them or not.Patrick Breeding is a pop singer and the lead vocalist of the pop group ‘B5’.He started his musical journey as a child, by teaming up with his brothers.The brothers, whose ages range from 16 to 22, were born and raised in Kansas before moving to Florida and then Atlanta, where they have resided since 2001. What's the dumbest question have you ever been ask? also iv'e heard this one rumor about you about to become a dad or something but i don't believe it cause i don't think it's true so how would you handle situations like it if rumors were been circulated about you or your brothers. Let Me start by saying I have been a fan ever since 2005.So how do they come up with their signature dance moves? What's the dumbest question have you ever been ask? - Pookie Amber Q: Out of all the artist in the industry I feel like you connect the most with your fans on a personal basis. But why do you feel it is imporant to connect with us as much as you do? also you and bryan seem really close seem to have a close bond are you guys best friends - Shantee Shirley Q: Do you guys ever feel that it is hard to make new friends or start new relationships with people with you guys being the great entertainers that you are? I met you guys in 2005 at Power 92 radio station in Little Rock Arkansas, when you guys were on the Scream Tour!The young boys were encouraged by their mother and aunt to pursue music careers.

They entered and won numerous competitions, including shows put together by Radio Disney.B5 (Bryan): It was called TNT cuz it was just the four of them cuz I wasn't even in the group then, but then when this guy said I should be in the group, we named it B5. Like when we're on stage and everything, it just flows real nice and we know what each other is about to do. B5: Yeah, automatically I'm going to look after my brothers just cuz I'm the oldest one. We all do pretty good, we all look out for one another. It's pointly since the whole thing is based around the over rated minions.How we got the name B5 was, our last name is Breeding and when I got in the group, everybody kept saying it was like Jackson Five. As time flies by, some of our favorite teen dreams — like Chris Brown, Usher, Justin Timberlake — have grown up before our very eyes. Have any of your love stories or break-ups inspired the new music? There’s been times when one of my brothers or myself has gone through a relationship or a certain situation in a relationship, and when it came time to record a particular song, it went perfectly.You can now add these guys to the list: Dustin, Patrick, Kelly, Carnell and Bryan Breeding, better known as B5. Carnell: It helps to put that feeling into it, so when people hear it, it’s believable. Bryan, since you are the youngest member of the group, how does it feel now to reintroduce yourself to the world? Now that I’m older, I view the world in a completely different way.Their self-titled debut album is hitting shelves on July 19, 2005. so pretty dance 4 u boy band carnell breeding bryan breeding tnt boys tnt boyz hip hop dustin breeding debut album all i do b-5 teacher's pet group b5 interview patrick breeding u got me bfive cd kelly breeding I agree I think the screen writters messed up the plot for the series a little.

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