Who is david tennant currently dating

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), Wales, about 5.2 miles (8.4 km) south west from the city centre of the Welsh capital city of Cardiff and lying on the north shore of the Severn Estuary at the southern end of Cardiff Bay.Penarth is the wealthiest seaside resort in the Cardiff Urban Area, and the second largest town in the Vale of Glamorgan, next only to the administrative centre of Barry.

Today, the town, with its traditional seafront, continues to be a regular summer holiday destination (predominantly for older visitors), but their numbers are much lower than was common from Victorian times until the 1960s, when cheap overseas package holidays were introduced.

“David can’t really go anywhere without attracting attention and it’s early days, so they don’t want any distractions or fuss made about what’s going on.

“It started with some friendly dinner dates but has progressed quickly and they are now in a serious relationship.

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Although the number of holiday visitors has greatly declined, the town retains a substantial retired population, representing over 25% of residents, but Penarth is now predominantly a dormitory town for Cardiff commuters.

The town’s population was recorded as 20,396 in the United Kingdom Census 2001.Even with his busy schedule, David is making a lot of time to spend with her, so he must really like her.” Georgia – who has a six-year-old son named Tyler – is the real-life daughter of former Doctor Who Peter Davison.Tennant and Georgia first met while filming scenes for the show in Wales.Please note: requests should only be made by those officially affiliated to David Tennant.Doctor Who star David Tennant is apparently dating his co-star Georgia Moffett.It shows AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) and its harsh realities are an expression of the way the world is.

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