Who is trey smith dating

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Willard Carroll Smith III, commonly known as Trey Smith, is an actor, known for his role in Real or Magic and The Speech.He has appeared on Will Smith Music Video Collections.

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Talking about his personal life, he hasn't married anyone yet and also does not have any children.

I felt like nobody really liked me for who I was, and I had to change who I was a little bit for them to accept me. But in the end I got it and there was no more drama.

I wore tons of makeup and dyed my hair from blonde to Playboy-white. We were never best friends, but it was cool getting to know them.

Jaden Smith wants to live his life outside the media, because he has seen what his parents were going through.

The media consistently made rumors about them and they had to deal with it, so he wants to stay out of the spotlight.

He attended private high school Oaks Christian in Westlake Village, CA, in 2008.

A wide receiver for Oaks Christian High School’s football team since 2009, he graduated in 2011.

Kylie Jenner approves of former boyfriend American actor/rapper Jaden Smith's relationship with girlfriend Sarah Snyder.

The 17-year-old son of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith and Snyder are apparently inseparable now."Kylie knows Jaden is very into Sarah and respects it and likes her as well," a source told E! "Jaden and Kylie are still really good friends and that is it. We're still together."Kylie Jenner approves of former boyfriend American actor/rapper Jaden Smith's relationship with Sarah Snyder.

They were together with the rest of her family including her older sister, half-sister, mother and father.

Earlier the same month Jaden Smith girlfriend was rumored to be dating other people, because she was seen together with his friends having lunch.

He is the Son of Will Smith and stepson of Jada Pinkett Smith.