Xcode 4 resources not updating

30-Jun-2017 13:44 by 5 Comments

Xcode 4 resources not updating - bible scriptures on dating

I want to share my fix for the Ionic icon and splashscreen issue I just hit upon.

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@cesarvega Before the resources server knows to use the images cache or not, it does a checksum on the source image.Reducing to 2200px as suggested by some users worked, also selecting only icon generation worked.Actually the images are uploaded to the server and generated also using a 2732px image, and you can find the resulting images in your temp folder (with a different name) but they are not copied to the resources folder.There are a number of apparent fixes to this problem online, but none seemed to work for me.The best I could tell, my ionic icon was cached somehow, but as I was building on the Mac, I didn’t have any form of Android tooling available to open the project and clean the install. Unfortunately, this didn’t fix my splash screen issue.Is there a way to help App Code detect the updated resources?

(node:8537) fs: re-evaluating native module sources is not supported.

Though it took a lot of trial and error (precious hours I will never get back! But, as above, I had correctly generated the splash screen so this was a little puzzling.

Everything seemed ok – and I did see the 3 seconds of white / blank / emptiness that implied the splash screen code was actually executing, just missing the expected image.

I think we should stick with Now XCode should always run cordova prepare before building your project so you don't have to jump to terminal. Note, that depending on how your cordova executable is set up and which shell you use, you might have to either change the shell or modify your PATH in order for the script to find cordova.

Other answers in this thread either didn't work for me or screwed up cordova plugins e.g.

If the checksum of the source image is the same then it'll pull the image from the cache, if not, I'll it'll upload a new image again. @cesarvega - I'm trying this right now with latest (1.4.0).